Anderson Servicios Corporativos

Public Shares

ASC has recently sold its interest in an international diversified investment and holding group that was founded by ASC in 2007. The company has a specific investment focus in a number of market segments including energy, healthcare, real estate, communications, construction and environment.

Over the course of 2009 the company took significant interests in a number of companies in these sectors including:
A 23% stake in an European leader in biomass and renewable energy listed on the Belgian stock exchange.
Majority (65%) interest in one of Asia’s leading suppliers of raw materials used in anti-cancer treatments with supply agreements in place with a major drugs manufacturer. The company has recently been valued as having assets of USD$ 225million.
A controlling interest in a wireless telecommunications provider in sub-Saharan Africa.
In addition to the above there are other smaller investments in companies within the travel and IT sectors.